Uneven-aged silviculture: insights into forest adaptation in times of global change

Mendel University and University Forest Enterprise Křtiny
Lesnická a dřevařská fakulta

2nd Announcement IUFRO 1.05 & 1.09 Conference. Topics: What are the challenges of uneven-aged silviculture to forest adaption under climate change for sustainable wood production and biodiversity? Quantifying species and spatial structure changes related to climate change. Ecosystem services of uneven-aged/mixed species silviculture in the light of changing social needs. Dynamics of uneven-aged and/ or mixed forests under climate change.

Preliminary programme:

17 September Travel day & evening icebreaking

18 September Conference Day 1

19 September Conference Day 2 & after lunch in-conference field trip to University Forest Enterprise

20 September Conference Day 3 IUFRO 1.05 business meeting & social evening on Chateau Křtiny

21 September Post-conference field trip Day 1

22 September Post-conference field trip Day 2

23 September Post-conference field trip Day 3

24 September Travel day

In-conference excursion:

  • Transformation of even-aged forests to uneven-aged forests after 50 years (1973-2023) – the rate of change of tree species composition under climate change (presentation of 50 years data set and practice in the field).
  • Beech silviculture – from even-aged stands to value increment silviculture. Is it the best way to compare production and the social order?
  • Long-term transformation of even-aged stands to Dauerwald – which Dauerwald models are optimal for the future? Presentation of spruce-beech-silver fir-maple model and oak-hornbeam-scots pine model.

Post-conference field trip:

  • Thursday – 100 years celebration of Mendel University Forest Enterprise – „Silviculture for climate change and society“ – presentation of diversified uneven-aged, multi-aged silvicultural models and training stands for students and foresters in practice.
  • Friday – Kinský estate Žďár n. Sázavou – Conversion of spruce even-aged stands into multi-aged mixed stands – experiences after 28 years; what knowledge from natural forest dynamics can we use in the uneven-aged forestry – presentation and field walk through natural forest Žákova hora on the Kinský estate.
  • Saturday – Transformation of even-aged scots pine stands into the mixed oak-dominated forests in the buffer zone of Podyji National Park; restoration management for biodiversity support. Evening in the local winery;

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