Scientists are developing edible food packaging

12. 5. 2022
Scientists from the Faculty of AgriSciences at Mendel University in Brno focused on the packaging that can be eaten together with food. Experts are currently developing edible protein-based packaging that has the character of a flexible kitchen foil. But there are several variants. The packaging can also be spray or liquid in which the food is soaked. The main advantage of edible packaging is not only its easy production but also the ability to reduce the amount of waste produced.

“Edible packaging is one way to reduce the large amount of synthetic plastic packaging that decomposes in nature for decades. However, with their help, the waste produced can be reduced overall. We can also use waste materials from other technologies for the production of edible packaging,” says researcher Soňa Hermanová from the Faculty.

Currently, in the laboratory, student Barbora Smetanová is working on the development of edible packaging based on proteins, which have the character of a flexible kitchen foil. “The production of the mixture is simple and not demanding on raw materials. The foils produced are not completely colorless and clear, but their transparency is sufficient to allow a thorough inspection of the food. In addition, the packaging is odorless, so it does not affect the aroma of the food itself,” Smetanová explains.

In the next step, the researchers plan to incorporate active ingredients into the edible foils, which should improve the nutritional value and functionality of the packaging itself. “Of course, it is necessary to achieve acceptable mechanical properties, which are a necessary prerequisite for industrial machine packaging of food in foil,” add the researchers. Likewise, experts will have to work to further increase the water resistance of packaging, as current versions are not suitable for foods with high water content. The researchers will test the packaging in the laboratory of Associate Professor Nedomová, who studies the textural properties of food products.

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