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Absolventi MENDELU
Absolventi MENDELU

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  • Invitations to university events

MENDELU Alumni Club partners

J. G. Mendel Birthplace

Rodný dům G. J. Mendela
  • The Mendel Museum in Vrážné
  • Possibility to hold social events
  • Trips nearby
  • For club members: 10 % discount on accommodations

MENDELU Library and Arboretum

Moravian Karst House of Nature

  • Interactive indoor and outdoor exhibits and 3D cinema
  • Close to Skalní mlýn, the gateway to the Moravian Karst
  • For club members: free entry

Our alumni

Absolvent LDF Tomáš Hýrek

I wanted to study a technical subject but with a connection to nature. That’s why I chose to study a programme devoted to wood buildings. I work for a company called Stora Enso, a manufacturer of CLT panels. It’s made my dreams come true. I oversee construction projects, from the design stage to completion. I communicate with investors, developers, architects, and other construction companies. Wood as a building material is on par with everything else. It has the same durability. Building with wood produces less carbon dioxide, takes less time to construct a building, produces less waste, and is safer. But most importantly, wood is a natural and renewable material. I hope that one day half of the buildings in the Czech Republic will be made of wood.”

— Tomáš Hýrek, graduate of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, market development manager at Stora Enso
Absolventka ZF Dominika Černohorská

“When I was studying, I thought that what I’d enjoy most was working in a cellar, at a winery. The older I am, the more I’m drawn to the vineyard. We don’t filter our wine and we use a minimum of sulphites. We don’t just focus on grape vines and their fruits; our scope extends to the whole landscape that we form through our vineyards. We are returning diversity and naturalness to the land. We plant trees, bushes, and herbs in the vineyard. When I climb up Pálava Hill when I’m 70, I hope to see a landscape as alive as it was 100 years ago.”

— Dominika Černohorská, graduate of the Faculty of Horticulture, co-owner of Plenér winery
Absolventka PEF Monika Ptáčníková

“In 2014 we began holding the first IT courses for women. Today, we employee 80 people and collaborate with 600 lecturers and volunteers. We are funded through grants and companies’ CSR funds. Our partners include Google and Microsoft. We focus mainly on adult women, who often have a university degree but want to change their field of expertise or can’t find a job. Part of our work is awareness-raising. We say that IT is for everyone, that women can do any kind of IT job. Every year, we help thousands of female graduates change careers. Thus, we contribute to improving the status of women and to greater economic prosperity. I’m doing something where I see real impacts every day.”

— Monika Ptáčníková, graduate of the Faculty of Business and Economics, co-founder of Czechitas


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