Business trips

Discover everything there is to know about business trips, whether you are travelling around the Czech Republic or abroad. You can easily handle paperwork before and after your trip.

Trips abroad

Travel for an internship, training or conference abroad. There are a number of institutions and many countries to choose from. Go abroad and gain experience in your field directly from world experts.

When can you sign up?

The admissions process for teaching and training placements always takes place in spring. Employees will receive a bulk email with information and applications. Mobility must be approved by your workplace manager.

You will find documents that need to be filled in and submitted on the website of the International Relations Office. In the case of faculty employees, decisions are made at the faculties, in the case of Rector’s Office employees, at the International Relations Office.

Did you know that…

you can also participate in virtual mobility programmes? You can attend online workshops and seminars at foreign universities from home.

Virtual mobility programmes

Are you expecting a foreign guest?

How to proceed

  • Contact the dean of your faculty, who has up-to-date information on funding opportunities.
  • You can find more detailed information about incoming foreign employees in the Staff from abroad section on the International Relations Office site.
  • If in doubt, contact a representative of the faculty or university international relations department.

Contact information for international relations offices at faculties


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