Rector´s Statement

26. 10. 2020
Czech society is in the most serious situation since November 1989. We are going through a difficult test, and we are witnessing a loss of confidence in the state and government action. Given what's been happening in recent days and weeks, it's logical. On the other hand, unfortunately, dangerous. Although we can have any opinion on the actions of individual government officials, I would like to appeal not only to our students and employees but to our entire society, despite the above, to adhere to measures aimed at preventing the further uncontrollable spread of COVID-19.

Civil society is part of a democratic society. Its existence played a key role in the spring’s first wave. But at this point, people no longer know who to trust. The role of universities in society is all the more important. Academics can present logical arguments supported by figures and facts, adjusted for political assignments. As an economist, I have long called for the government to begin publishing important data on the spread of coronavirus. This is because the countries that manage the pandemic much better than we do are the countries that are as open to the citizens as possible, share all the data and information, have strategic plans and, above all, a vision of how to move forward. If citizens do not know what we are aiming for, they have no motivation and many of them essentially resign.

Nevertheless, I would like to appeal once again to unite as a civil society and to continue to follow the necessary measures.

I appeal to humanity, responsibility, and solidarity. With these values, we can handle it just like in the spring.

Danuse Nerudova
Rector of Mendel University in Brno

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