MENDELU celebrates its 95th Birthday

18. 9. 2014
This year Mendel University celebrates its 95th Foundation Anniversary. MENDELU was established by an Act No. 460 as of 24th July 1919 as the University of Agriculture in Brno, residing in a building of the Regional Institute for the Blind in Brno – Černé pole and its surrounding areas.

During the 95 years the University has experienced many changes and spread from initially 2 fields of study (now Faculties) to five faculties and Univerity Department – Institute of Lifelong Education.

Nowadays, 11 000 students are attending the Mendel University and the same number of students applied to study at Mendel University, the oldest in its field of study in the Czech Republic, this year.


Apart from the scientific conferences and seminars associated with the anniversary which serially take place from the beginning of this year, there will also be a Mendelu Garden Party which is going to take place on Friday 19th September 2014 at 2 p.m. in Botanic Garden and Arboretum in Brno-Černé pole. The program offers the introduction of a representative publication on history of the University or fashion show with Miss Earth 2012 Tereza Fajksová (a student of MENDELU).

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