MENDEL perceives artificial intelligence tools as an opportunity for development

19. 5. 2023
Mendel University in Brno expresses support for rational, conscious, and ethical use of artificial intelligence by students and sees the role of teachers as mentors for proper utilization of information tools. At the same time, the university's leadership acknowledges that the implementation of artificial intelligence will bring about societal changes and alter the structure of the job market. This will also impact the educational activities of the university and bring new challenges. It will transform the communication between teachers and students, the assignment of tasks, including final ones, as well as their evaluation methods.

The university perceives artificial intelligence tools as an opportunity for the development of knowledge society, the development of universities as centers of education, the development of creative activities, and the practical application of new knowledge. At the same time, it is aware of the challenges that the application of artificial intelligence will bring in the societal and everyday life,” said Robert Pokluda, Vice-Rector for Information and Communication Technologies.

The ethical utilization of artificial intelligence tools is considered by the university as one of the many competencies for the future qualification of its graduates, including knowledge of the risks of potential data misuse, security and protection of personal data, and risks of information distortion.

The university intends to actively promote the use of artificial intelligence in all spheres of its functioning but also monitor and evaluate it in order to create comprehensive policies for the proper deployment of artificial intelligence tools,” added Pokluda.

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