COVID-19: Govermental measures and your study at MENDELU - state of emergency in the whole country

13. 3. 2020
Dear exchange student, at 2 pm (12th March) there has been officially announced state of emergency by the government of the Czech Republic- it contains restrictions of public life and travelling.

Let me point out some new and important information for you (please check the current infos regularly, the situation is changing from hour to hour):

  • there will be e-learning for next at least one month
  • if you decide to leave to your home country we have full understanding for your decision and we will support you, please be so kind and inform your home university and also our coordinator
  • you will be allowed to finish your studies via distance learning from your home country
  • you are allowed to stay in the Czech republic, you need to obey all the oficial regulations

    Thank you for understanding, we believe that you will decide what is best for you. Keep us informed if you decide for leaving.

Take care


Ing. MSc. Michaela Menšíková, PhD.

Institutional Coordinator Erasmus+


Emergency number:

+420 731 683 342

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