Coronavirus update: Emergency measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

12. 3. 2020
Mendel University in Brno strives to ensure the health and safety of students and employees. In response to the ongoing dissemination of COVID-19 from 3 March 2020, MENDELU banned all forms of contact teaching and events at the university campus. The aim is to reduce the number of situations that require people to gather in large groups and minimize time spent in close proximity. In accordance with the Ministry of Health's ban on students' personal presence at the university, this situation is valid until further notice.

Newly, the regulation also applies to PhD students. The student canteen, library, study rooms and computer rooms are also closed. 

Students and employees of MENDELU who are currently abroad in areas of new coronavirus infection should follow the information, advice and recommendations that are continuously updated and supplemented on the World Health Organization website (


Will the deadlines for entrance exams be postponed?
For now, the original terms apply. We will discuss the postponement of deadlines on March 16, and we will post any changes thereafter.
Can I come to the Study Department?
All inquiries are handled only by e-mail and telephone, it is not possible to come in person.

Until when will the measure be valid?
The deadline for measures is not known. We will inform you according to the current situation.
Does the deadline for submission of theses (bachelor, diploma, dissertation) change?
Currently, the schedule is valid. Our goal is to ensure proper completion of studies. We will inform about any changes.
The library is closed, what are the possibilities of using the library and resources for writing theses?
For students of the 3rd and 5th year of study, individual arrangement with the library is possible. In addition, you can use electronic resources.


If you have any questions, please contact the head of the departments or the study department of your
faculty. Study departments handle all 
inquiries only by e-mail and telephone, it is not possible to come in person.

Information for EMPLOYEES
Please limit personal meetings, arrange as many issues as possible online.
Be sure to follow general rules against the spread of coronavirus.
Employees have free access to the campus keeping set rules.
It is possible to use home office (academics and technical-economic staff in certain cases).
It is necessary to ensure the operation of workplaces.
If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor.
All foreign business trips are banned. Foreign visitors are not allowed. We strongly recommend not
to travel, even not in private. Employees who have been anywhere abroad must respect the 14-day
quarantine (home office).

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