Food Symposium 4.0 will take place March 5 and March 7, 2024 at Mendel University in Brno, Czechia. This fourth year of international scientific dialogue will feature Louisiana State University AgCenter and Mendel University in Brno.

This online Symposium will feature presentations which cover diverse themes. It explores alternative protein sources like plant-based options and emerging microbial proteins. Additionally, it discusses the validation of the PREP to BF scale in Spanish concerning breastfeeding intention. Furthermore, the event highlights innovations in sustainable packaging and waste reduction strategies. It also addresses food safety or economic aspects of sustainable agriculture.


  • Alternative protein sources

Discussion about alternatives to animal proteins, including plant proteins (such as soy, peas) and new sources like microbial and insect proteins (including single-cell proteins and microalgae proteins). Focus on the development and significance of cultivated meat in the context of sustainability, ethical issues, and technological challenges. Research directions, cultivation methods, and potential environmental impacts.

  • Nutrition and human health

Spanish Translation and Validation of the Prenatal Rating of Efficacy in Preparation to Breastfeed (PREP to BF) Scale and Convergence with the English Version. This topic focuses on a research to test its psychometric properties by determining the internal consistency reliability, and assess the relationship between self-efficacy and breastfeeding intention.

  • New materials and waste reduction strategies and food safety

This topic includes innovations in sustainable packaging materials, such as biodegradable polymers, nanomaterilas and strategies for reducing waste in the food industry.

  • Food safety

This topic focuses on novel approaches on pre/post harvest and control environment agriculture food safety. Research on minimizing route of contamination at the farm level, biofilm formation on food contact surfaces, factors affecting control environment agriculture and stress response and virulence gene expression of E. coli O157.

  • Sustainable agriculture – economics

The economic aspects of environmental conservation in agriculture, including the costs and benefits of sustainable practices.

Studies economic incentives for conserving natural resources and reducing the environmental footprint of agricultural production. Focuses on economic strategies to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in rural areas. Examines the role of research and development in improving agricultural productivity and sustainability. Involves decision-making related to the operation of a farm, from production planning to marketing and finance. Studies how value is added to agricultural products as they move from the farm to the consumer. Analyzes the economic factors affecting access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food.

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DATE: 2024-03-05

Start Time: 4 PM Brno CZE / 9 AM Central Time USA
End Time: 6 PM Brno CZE / 11 AM Central Time USA

4:00 PM Brno CZE / 9:00 AM CT USA

Opening remarks by MENDEL and LSU

4:05 PM Brno CZE / 9:05 AM CT USA

Erin McKinley

Spanish translation and validation of the prenatal rating of efficacy in preparation to breastfeed (PREP to BF) scale and convergence with the English version

4:25 PM Brno CZE / 9:25 AM CT USA

Ivo Zdráhal

Global and local food supply chains

4:45 PM Brno CZE / 9:45 AM CT USA

Manish Thapaliya

Impact of environmental conditions on the survival of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts on soil and manure

5:05 PM Brno CZE / 10:05 AM CT USA

Ivo Soural, Hana Dočekalová

Possibilities of increasing the antioxidant capacity of drinks

5:25 PM Brno CZE / 10:25 AM CT USA

Ivannova Lituma

Evaluation of pecan extract priming and coating for Listeria monocytogenes decontamination in Lettuce seeds

5:45 PM Brno CZE / 10:45 AM CT USA

Milan Vývoda

DATE: 2024-03-07

Start Time: 4 PM Brno CZE / 9 AM CT USA
End Time: 6 PM Brno CZE / 11 AM CT USA

4:00 PM Brno CZE / 9:00 AM CT USA

Lucia Nedorost Ragasová

Edible flowers

4:20 PM Brno CZE / 9:20 AM CT USA

James TF Wise

Hexavalent chromium-induced metabolic changes drive human lung carcinogenesis

4:40 PM Brno CZE / 9:40 AM CT USA

Sylvie Formánková

Sustainable dining in canteens at Czech universities

5:00 PM Brno CZE / 5:00 AM CT USA

Jyoti Aryal

Survival and stress response of E. coli O157:H7 during heat treatment after pre-exposure to acidic abomasal content of cattle

5:20 PM Brno CZE / 10:20 AM CT USA

Ondřej Patloka

Changes in the microbiome of a human and in the simulator of human intestinal microbial ecosystem (SHIME®) in response to a diet and probiotic supplementation

5:40 PM Brno CZE / 10:40 AM CT USA

Sheetal Jha

Prevalence of constitutive microflora isolated from a Lettuce hydroponic nutrient film technique system

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