An exceptional figure of our university, Vojtěch Adam, has passed away

22. 5. 2024
With deep sorrow, the university rector received the sad news of the passing of Emeritus Vice-Rector and prominent scientist Prof. RNDr. Vojtěch Adam, Ph.D., who succumbed to a short severe illness yesterday.

In Professor Adam, the university loses one of the most significant scientific talents of recent times. His contributions to the university, in terms of scientific activities, energy, and diligence, are hard to quantify. His long-term leadership of the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry left an indelible mark on the direction and scientific output of this department. Likewise, his tenure in the university administration as Vice-Rector for Creative Activities was impactful. Recently, as a scientist and personality responsible for the university’s strategic projects, he coordinated their preparation. With his characteristic enthusiasm and energy, he initiated the preparation of the European project Cenagrivet, which brings together an international team to address issues in animal production and its impact on landscape management. He managed to integrate top-notch laboratory and diagnostic procedures with practical agriculture. I sincerely hope our university will have the strength and willingness to collaborate to successfully complete these activities. Allow me a personal note: Vojta, thank you for the time and energy you dedicated to our university,” stated the university rector, Jan Mareš.

Vojtěch Adam was born on May 2, 1982, in Brno. He earned his master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry and chose Cell and Molecular Biology for his postgraduate studies, all at the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University. He has worked at MENDELU since 2007. In 2012, he habilitated and was appointed professor in Agricultural Chemistry in 2015. From 2014 to 2022, he served in the university administration as Vice-Rector for Creative Activities. He led the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, where he had worked since 2009.

In his scientific and research activities, he focused on the application of modern bioanalytical methods and advanced materials for biochemical and biological purposes. During his work at the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, he received several awards. For instance, in 2008, he won the Prague League Against Cancer Award for publications in the field of clinical oncology.

Among other achievements, he was the recipient of a European ERC grant on the topic “Understanding the Tumor Metabolome,” which focused on describing the mechanisms of previously unexplained biochemical and molecular biological relationships and correlations between metal ions and proteins during tumor development.

In response to the sad announcement, Leoš Pavlata, Dean of the Faculty of Agronomy, also provided his statement. “The death of Professor Adam is primarily a shock, an enormous human tragedy, and a loss that must impact everyone who knew him. We think especially of his family, but also the vast number of grieving friends and colleagues. An unexpectedly influential personality full of ideas, a visionary and innovator, a motivator for collaboration, a team builder, an extremely hardworking and effective person who evoked emotions has left us. A person with an unmistakable smile and a strong voice in every situation. His life was unexpectedly short, but he leaves a significant mark. Honor to his memory,” he stated.

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