Semestr start and meeting of graduates

Okolí fakulty
Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies

We have prepared a great start of the semester for you, including a meeting of our graduates.
Add the date to your calendar, because we have a rich program!

1:00 pm Panel discussion with our graduates
Come and meet our alumni who will share their experiences with the faculty and talk to you about their career path.
We invite all our alumni to visit the faculty and join the discussion.
The discussion will be moderated and there will be plenty of room for questions.

1:55 pm Mass photo session in front of the faculty

2:00 pm Football tournament
Come play football against your teachers. ⚽️

2:00 pm planting sprouts in front of the faculty
If you don’t enjoy football, you can join the planting of seedlings in front of our faculty. 🌱

From 2:00 pm Beer, international food tasting, barbecue behind the faculty
Don’t miss the opportunity to taste international food 🍲. You will also be able to grill a sausage on the fire behind the faculty 🔥 and beer will be prepared for refreshment. 🍺

Whether you come just for the jump or join in the prepared activities, it will be worth it.