Festival of Mgr. programmes at MENDELU

8:30 – 12:35
Q, ground floor

Where to after the bachelor?

Meet the supervisors and students of MENDELU Master’s programmes. Find out details about studying at MENDELU Master’s programmes. For example, what will you learn?

Differences from the Bachelor’s degree:
The differences between the Master’s and Bachelor’s programmes will be explained to you, including deeper topics, opportunities for specialisation and a greater emphasis on research or applied skills.
Course Overview:
You will learn about the structure of the Master’s programme, its compulsory and elective courses, and the skills and knowledge you can acquire during your studies.
The experience of current Masters students:
Current Master’s students will give you an insight into their experiences of study, work experience and professional challenges, which can give you useful perspectives when making decisions for your own career and study plans.
Career Study Help:
You’ll learn about how a Master’s degree can help your career, enhance your professional knowledge and skills, and provide you with better opportunities in the working world.Professional opportunities:
You’ll find out what options you have after completing your Master’s programme, including potential career paths and areas you can work in.
Internship opportunities:
You will learn about internships, placements and other opportunities to gain practical experience during your Master’s degree.
Employment in the field:
You will be provided with information on the percentage of people employed in the field your Master’s programme focuses on, which will help you better understand the job market prospects.
And much more.
Discover the opportunities a bachelor’s degree offers you. We also have programs in English. Good luck!