Water days


The event on the occasion of World Water Day serves to educate on the topic of water in forest, agricultural and urban landscapes. This international event is organized by the Center of Excellence for Water Education (PoVE) and is intended for professionals, schools and all those interested in water. The program is primarily designed for secondary schools but also caters to the general public. You can register via email at pr@mendelu.cz.

March 18 / Monday

08:00Registrationroom M2.12
08:30Opening – Welcome speech and introduction to the programme and Water Days Teamroom M2.12
09:00Warm-up – getting to know each other – team building activity/introduction of schools and countries in front of M building
10:30Coffee breakroom M2.12
10:45What and how they will do/learn during the weekroom M2.12
11:00Introduction to the topic of revitalization, required basic knowledge (Q and A)room M2.12
12:00Lunchroom M2.12
13:00Brainstorming in teams – what they would like to know/learnroom M2.12
13:30Presentations from expertsroom M2.12
14:00Discussions with expertsroom M2.12
15:00Coffee breakroom M2.12
15:30Campus tour and laboratory carousel/without ArboretumFish farming department/
Hydraulic circle/Spatial Hub
18:00 Get together partyRestaurant Olymp,
Durďákova 356/46

March 19 / Tuesday

08:45Departure for field tripin front of A building
09:45Restoration projects – Field trip
17:30Bonfire – Botanical Garden and arboretum Mendelu Campus MENDELU

March 20 / Wednesday

09:00From idea to solution 1/ VIDA Science Centre for teachersroom M2.11/M2.12
10:30Coffee breakroom M2.12
10:45Presentation skills workshoproom M2.11
11:45Lunchroom M2.12
12:30From idea to solution 2/ Teachers workshop in Spatial Hub (13:00 – 15:00)room M2.11/M2.12
14:00Coffee break
14:15From idea to solution 3/ Consultation with expertsroom M2.12

March 21 / Thursday

10:00 Pitch preparation/Company presentations at BUT – teachers only room M2.11/M2.12
12:00Lunchroom M2.12
13:00Brno city tourIn front of M Building
15:00Excursion PonávkaTkalcovská 869/1 (Albert)
18:00Farewell partyRestaurant Kinokavárna
Nám. SNP 33

March 22 / Friday

08:30 Last preparations of the pitches room M2.12
09:00Recap of the week – photosroom M2.11
09:15Student’s project presentations 1 – feedback and discussionroom M2.11
10:00Coffee breakroom M2.12
10:15Student’s project presentations 2 – feedback and discussionroom M2.11
12:30Lunchroom M2.12
13:30Moderated round table discussionroom M2.11
14:15Final round: What I am taking with?room M2.11

March 23 / Saturday

10:00 – 17:00 Water Day
The programme is organised by Lipka Jezírko. Adress: Brno-Soběšice čp. 97, Soběšice, 644 00 Brno. The programme is paid, more info on www.lipka.cz