You will become part of a large foreign students community 

More than 20% of students at MENDELU are students from abroad. They have student groups and study officers who will help you manage everything.

You will like affordable student Brno

Brno is a city of students and is much more affordable than the capitals or states of Western Europe



We are a green and connected university

Research topics at MENDELU are often related to sustainability and climate change. They are up to date and often work with universities around the world.

You won´t get lost, everything is on the campus

Everything the students need is on and around the university campus.




We provide unique facilities

Facilities dedicated to research and teaching allow students to develop their skills and knowledge

You will experience the best events

Something is happening all year round - sports events and student events that will excite you.




Europe in the palm of your hand

Two hours by bus to Vienna (Austria) and Bratislava (Slovakia), four hours by car to Budapest (Hungary), Dresden (Germany), and Wroclaw (Poland). By plane two hours to London and even less to Milan (Italy).

Safety first

Czechia is one of the safest countries in the world.