Mendel University celebrates its 100th anniversary

Rector Danuše NerudováMendel University in Brno is celebrating its 100th anniversary. To mark this milestone, the university has prepared a year-long series of events and activities. Among the main events is Staff Week, which will take place at the university in October and include classes, workshops, and a Go-Abroad Fair. Representatives of our partner universities from other countries were also invited to Staff Week so that we could all celebrate the anniversary together. The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology will host a similar event called Silver Network. Last but not least, there will be the Student Reunion of the Century, which will take place on 15 June. Participants can look forward to an extensive programme including a tour of the campus and a musical performance.

Tram“Our celebrations will be inspired primarily by our teaching specialisations such as agriculture, forestry, and the natural world in general,” says university rector Danuše Nerudová. “We will also have a greater presence in the public spaces of Brno this year: besides the Christmas tree that we give to the city every year, we are planning other events.” Since January, an anniversary tram with the new university logo has been transporting passengers through the streets of Brno, the seat of the university. The tram is green, and its graphic design uses the motif of the linden leaf, which is intrinsically linked to the Czech Republic. The official launch of the tram is planned for 12 March, the name day of Gregor, in memory of the university’s namesake Gregor Johann Mendel, who plays a key role in the university’s reputation abroad. BeerThe university will also host an exhibition of its original insignia and a wealth of other events and activities for students, graduates, and the general public. To top it all off, the university has launched a line of anniversary beers to pay tribute to the long tradition of the Czech brewing industry, particularly as brewing is one of the courses taught at Mendel University. Some of the beer specials are already available in shops and restaurants.

The university is also using this opportunity to redesign its logo. For the past decade, the logo has been based on green peas as the symbol of Mendel’s genetic discoveries, and these basic principles remain the same. However, the motifs used by the individual faculties will now be more united and the graphic design will be simpler overall. The university will make more use of the acronym MENDELU, which has already passed the test of time, and will also sometimes use just a capital M with a single green pea. “Everything is much faster nowadays, the inflow of information is incredibly strong and so there is enormous pressure to make brand recognition easier,” says Libor Jelínek from Dynamo design, who designed the new logo. New anniversary publications are also in the pipeline.

Mendel University in Brno is the oldest independent specialized university in the Czech Republic. Attempts to establish an agricultural university in Moravia date back to 1864 but were thwarted by political, economic, and national issues. The university, then called the Agricultural University in Brno, was only established after the creation of independent Czechoslovakia, by an act of the National Assembly on 24 July 1919. The university now has five faculties, one institute of education, and two university enterprises, which also makes it one of the largest owners of forests in Moravia.

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