18. 10. 2021

Today, the Academic Senate elected Vojtěch Adam, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, as the new Rector of Mendel University in Brno. From February 2022, he will replace the economist Danuša Nerudová. Today, a total of four candidates applied for the position of the 34th Rector of MENDELU. In addition to Vojtěch Adam, vice-rector Martin Klimánek, professor from the Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies Otakar Holuša and director of the Department of Information Technology Stratos...

29. 9. 2021

Mendel University in Brno has joined the newly created Brno Space Cluster, which aims to strengthen cooperation and competitiveness in the space industry. It will contribute primarily to the field of biotechnology. According to the Vice-Rector of Mendel University in Brno, Vojtěch Adam, agriculture with an emphasis on food production will also face enormous challenges in extraterrestrial space.

16. 8. 2021

Mendel University in Brno prefers in-person teaching both in laboratories and in exercises and lectures before the coming school year. However, the online method remains a variant solution, if the school is not allowed another form due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The new school semester at some faculties begins on September 13, with most at a week later.

26. 7. 2021

Scientists from our Department can recognize, at first glance, the same samples of food or drugs according to the fluorescence record. Thanks to this, they will know whether, for example, the technological process has not changed during the production of juice, they will reveal the adulteration of wine or the origin of drugs. The results of their research may therefore also help criminalists in the future. This new procedure has a wide application, says the Head of the Laboratory of Bioanalysis and...

9. 7. 2021

Researchers and practitioners from seven European countries will focus on the development of spas in Central Europe, which are solving unexpected problems during a coronavirus pandemic. Spas must be gentle on natural healing resources, ie especially on the springs of mineral waters that spa use. The requirements of nature conservationists or municipality representatives clash with the use of the spa, says Pavel Ptáček from the Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies at Mendel...

17. 6. 2021

Researchers from 70 countries will focus on research in the field of love and attraction. They are interested in new trends that may have been accelerated by isolation during a pandemic, such as remote dating and the like. According to Martin Pírek from the Institute of Lifelong Learning at Mendel University in Brno, the results of international comparisons of these phenomena will also be interesting.

10. 6. 2021

Long-term physical activity in racehorses leads to damage to their liver cells, myocardium, and muscles, it also disrupts their metabolism. Researchers are trying to counter this with feed supplements containing milk thistle pomace. They already have confirmed that seed extracts have proven healing and regenerative effects.

28. 5. 2021

The Czech public still perceives migration primarily as an unwelcome necessity. At the same time, the Czech labor market attracts more and more foreign workers, especially from Ukraine. However, their presence is tolerated rather than welcomed, and the official Czech migration policy is based on the premise that migrants leave whenever the demand for their labor declines. Therefore, relatively little support has been provided to the settlement and integration of migrants in the Czech Republic from...

7. 5. 2021

Mendel University in Brno will start PCR testing of students from Monday. Two weeks after the university, as the first in the Czech Republic, started this form in a pilot phase for employees. Gradually, this form will completely replace the current antigenic testing. But most students are already finishing their semester, so testing will only cover a few dozen of them.

16. 4. 2021

Chov ryb

Climate change is gradually changing the conditions of fish farming in the Czech Republic. Rising summer water temperatures will be deadly for some species in the coming decades. Globally, fish production is growing at a rate of about 4% per year. Increasing demand, with stagnant catches from classic ponds, is to ensure or replace breeding in specialized production systems in the Czech Republic, says Jan Mareš from the Department of Zoology, Fisheries, Hydrobiology, and Beekeeping of Faculty of...

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