1. 3. 2021

Long-term restrictions, lack of social contacts, loss of motivation, but also anxiety and depression. All this has a negative effect during the ongoing pandemic of university students. Many of them have already sought the services of psychologists. The second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, which has no end yet, is to blame. Only at Mendel University in Brno did the services of the counseling center in the field of psychological help double in the second half of 2020. According to several studies...

9. 2. 2021

Three student proposals won in the first year of the competition for the best business plan StartUp MENDELU. Each of them will receive 80,000 Czech crowns from the university.

26. 1. 2021

Researchers from Mendel University in Brno have developed a special spray that protects plants against harmful bacteria. Products of this type are practically not available on the market, and if they already are, their effectiveness is much lower. The university will patent the spray, and a commercial partner is also in negotiations to help put the know-how into practice.

14. 1. 2021

The year 2021 will be a year of many challenges for Mendel University in Brno. One year in advance, the university will start celebrating the 200th anniversary of Johann Gregor Mendel's birthday. In February, a jury of experts will select for the first time the best student business ideas within the StartUp MENDELU competition. Another challenge during the global pandemic is to deepen online teaching, and last but not least, the rector's elections await the university at the end of 2021.

4. 12. 2020

Researchers from the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of MENDELU (FFWT) will coordinate the European project ASFORCLIC - ADAPTATION STRATEGIES IN FORESTRY UNDER GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACT. The main topic of the project is multidisciplinary research of less common forest trees and their possible use in practice. The ASFORCLIC project will also play an important role in improving the research and innovation profile of the faculty and will help create new research alliances. FFWT researchers...

12. 11. 2020

The coronavirus pandemic did not stop Czech seniors. The vast majority of them have IT technology for remote learning, and more than half are still interested in this learning format, according to a statistical sample of members from the University of the Third Age of Mendel University in Brno, which is transitioning to online learning. Seniors who are not interested in remote learning prefer social contact with lecturers and classmates.

26. 10. 2020

Czech society is in the most serious situation since November 1989. We are going through a difficult test, and we are witnessing a loss of confidence in the state and government action. Given what's been happening in recent days and weeks, it's logical. On the other hand, unfortunately, dangerous. Although we can have any opinion on the actions of individual government officials, I would like to appeal not only to our students and employees but to our entire society, despite the above, to adhere...

8. 10. 2020

The management of the Faculty of Horticulture at Mendel University in Brno will deepen its cooperation with Future Farming. Together, they will focus on research in the field of aquaponics, which is a new trend in vegetable growing and fish farming. The acquired knowledge will be used for further development of technologies in this area. University students will also benefit from the cooperation. They will get acquainted not only with the principles of aquaponics, but they can also complete compulsory...

23. 9. 2020

Mendel University in Brno started online teaching on Wednesday, September 23, by the decision of the Regional Hygiene Station of the South Moravian Region. It follows from the general decision of the hygienic station, published on the afternoon of September 22 on its official notice board, which concerns all Brno universities.

8. 9. 2020

The winter semester at Mendel University in Brno will begin on the original date of September 21. In-person teaching will prevail. Lectures and teaching in general for over 100 people will take place online. The campus has stricter hygiene measures, the necessary spacing, disinfection in classrooms, the obligation to wear face masks indoors, and other measures. The aim is to prevent the possible spread of a new type of coronavirus as much as possible. Students and teachers will follow the traffic...