Information about admissions procedures at faculties

General admission requirements

The basic conditions for admission to university study are stipulated in the Act No. 111/1998 Coll on Higher Education Institutions and on Amendments and Supplements to Other Acts (the Higher Education Act) as follows:

  • Admission to study in Bachelor's degree programmes is conditional upon the completion of full secondary education or full secondary specialized education.
  • Admission to a Master's degree programme following a Bachelor's degree programme is conditional upon the completion of a Bachelor's degree programme.
  • Admission to a Doctoral degree programme is conditional upon the completion of study in a Master's degree programme.

International students applying for a study period at Mendel University may be either as exchange students or as degree students. Mendel University is involved in a variety of different kinds of exchange agreement. You can find more detailed information here.

Degree students

Admission requirements differ at each faculty and are given by the Regulations of the Dean which contain admission requirements, deadlines, date and form of the entrance examination. This information has to be published on the faculty notice board and on the internet in accordance with Act No. 111/1998. The university sometimes organizes an entrance examination at the Czech Consulate in students' home country in order to relieve them from additional expenses.

Recognition of foreign higher education


Exchange students must:

  • have completed at least the first year of study at any higher educational institution,
  • be registered as full-time students at their home institution during their mobility abroad,
  • come within a partnership agreement or as a free mover,
  • be nominated by their home university coordinator,
  • have sufficient knowledge of English language (level B2 required).