The scientific and Research Profile


Dealing with the scientific research projects is based on long-term prognosis and scientific orientation of the university, faculties and the university institute and it includes fields of interest such as agriculture, forestry, biology, economic, technical and pedagogical sciences.

The research program of the University follows the current trends of development of basic scientific disciplines, particularly biology, and their application in practice. This involves a targeted management of biological processes, efficient use of non-renewable resources and production of renewable natural resources in respect of the development of sustainable, multifunctional agriculture and agribusiness and management of the educational process of providing graduates with the professional competencies for education in accordance with the latest developments and trends in Europe, and the Czech Republic. Emphasis is placed on the quality and safety of agricultural products in general and food in particular. The university prefers topics of multifunctional agriculture and forestry as a priority, which is also in accordance with the conclusions of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union.