The scientific and research vision


Mendel University in Brno intends to become a recognized European university that provides a balanced combination of education, scientific research and career oriented activities all aimed at developing a range of sciences in basic and applied research which can be applied in engineering, technology and management.

Mendel University wants to be a European leader:

  • in garden and landscape architecture,
  • in genomics and metabolomics,
  • in education and research in the field of production and use of wood.


Mendel University strives for excellence:

  • in research in the economic problems of the society, of the context of regional development and of the climate change,
  • in research in the current issues of the knowledge of the society by a unique combination of economic and informatics approaches
  • in the development of environmental technology,
  • in the field of sustainable agriculture,
  • in furniture,
  • in approaches to solving problems of developing countries.

Update of Strategic plan of Mendel University in Brno and Institutional plan for 2014