Do you want to study in an exciting and friendly place free from the hubbub and high prices found in some capitals? If the answer is yes, you should really consider Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic. We have listed the key points we think will make MENDELU a great place for you. However, there are many, many more…





  • Everything at one place
  • An employability focus
  • Friendly and supporting environment


Mendel University in Brno (abbreviated to MENDELU) is a public institution with a long tradition of excellence in teaching and research that has driven new ways of thinking since 1919 and proudly bears the name of J. G. Mendel, the founder of modern genetics. There are over 8,300 students at the university, including 5,500 undergraduates and 2,800 postgraduates. Nearly 1,600 international students make up almost 20 % of the total student body. Mendel University offers more than 100 different graduate degree programmes in Czech and in English languages.

The University comprises one University Institute and five faculties: AgriSciences, Business and Economics, Forestry and Wood Technology, Regional Development and International Studies and Horticulture. The university campus is based in Brno, just ten minutes from the city centre. The university provides students with modern well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and study rooms. A library, canteens and a pizzeria also form part of the campus as well as a large botanic garden and an arboretum, which is a great place to study or relax.

We believe that high-quality education should go hand in hand with real-life skills and experience. Training is an integral part of our classes, with our students learning furniture making or beer brewing directly on campus. Moreover, Mendel University owns 10,000 hectares (the equivalent to 9,500 football pitches) of forest, which is used for research and student training. We work with a number of companies, with a number of career fairs organised directly on campus every year, and we regularly host lectures by recognised experts. Work experience with employers from the relevant sectors is an integral part of the majority of our programmes.

Both students and academic staff at MENDELU can also take advantage of our network of partner universities and various study exchange and academic cooperation programmes. Incoming students are well taken care of by our International Relations Office and the Erasmus Student Network of Mendel University. Each month, sporting, cultural, and social events are held at or around Mendel University, designed to help you find new friends, get to know the city, have fun, and enjoy your stay in the Czech Republic. And we don’t forget our researchers and academics, either. Our outstanding work in developing and supporting our researchers has been recognised and accredited by the European Commission’s HR Excellence in Research Award.


student city


  • Large student community
  • A great location
  • Safety


Brno (/ˈbr̩nɔ/), the second largest city in the heart of Europe – the Czech Republic – is regarded as one of the top student cities as it is listed in the 2018 Top 10 QS Best Student Cities as rated by students. “Brno receives the second-highest score for ‘student experience’ within the student view indicator, reflecting the vibrant, enjoyable Moravian culture on offer, as well as its overall affordability, ease of getting around, and tolerance and inclusivity,” say the authors of the survey.

Brno has a huge student population of 65,000 students with a high percentage of international students, making it easy to meet new people. According to the City State Report 2018, 98% of Erasmus students were satisfied with and enjoyed their stay in Brno. Students like the clubs, pubs, and good beer as well as the excellent public transport, parks, and the historic city centre. The high-quality education, rich cultural life, hundreds of sports events, and the beautiful surroundings are all excellent reasons for studying here.

One of the best things about Brno is its location in the centre of Europe, which makes it the ideal starting point for travellers. It is easy to travel all over Europe by bus, train, car, or plane at very reasonable prices. Brno has an international airport although the city is easily accessible from other airports such as Prague, Bratislava, and Vienna. Brno is also safe. According to the Global Peace Index 2018, which ranks major nations around the world by how safe they are, the Czech Republic is the seventh safest country in the world. Nearly 80% of Brno residents feel safe in their city.


low cost



  • Affordable accommodation
  • Student discounts
  • Public transport easy and comfortable


A feature that students surely appreciate is the city’s affordability. The cost of living in Brno greatly depends on each student’s lifestyle. In general, a student’s monthly expenses are around 12,000 CZK (approx. €468; $533) or even lower. Student housing in halls of residence costs from 3,000 CZK to 9,000 CZK (approx. €117 – €352; $133 – $398). The costs differ depending on the type of room. Once enrolled at Mendel University, students receive the International Students Identity Card (ISIC), meaning they can enjoy many discounts in numerous places, for activities, and when using public transport.

A student younger than 26 years of age is entitled to a reduced-student rate public transport pass for two zones, which is the most practical in Brno and costs 275 CZK per month (approx. €11, $12). The average price of a meal in a restaurant is around 150 CZK (approx. €6, $7) and during lunchtime, the set menu costs approximately 90 CZK (approx. €3.5, $4). In the student canteen, the price is usually lower at around 40 CZK for a meal (approx. €1,5, $2). Groceries for a month can be estimated at 2,700 CZK (approx. €105, $119). Moreover, tuition fees at Czech universities are low and affordable.