Ing. Michaela Vaidová, BA (Hons)

Ing. Michaela Vaidová, BA (Hons) 
Finanční manažer - Department of Horticultural Machinery (FH)
Projektový manažer - senior - Department of Horticultural Machinery (FH)
P 41 08  Horticultural Engineering D-HE
FH D-HE-H comb [year 4]
Doctor type of study, part-time form
Horticulture, 4th year of study


Office phone number:+420 519 367 248
Office address:DHM FH, Valtická 337, 69144 Lednice
Office number:LB01N2018 (Led-A2.18)
E-mail:michaela11 [at], michaela.vaidova [at]
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