25. 2. 2015

Globalisation, economic and monetary integration as well as global financial crisis belong among the main factors affecting the macro as well as microeconomic business environment in these days in Europe and the worldwide. The conference provides the opportunities to present and discuss research papers dealing with changing economic and competitive environment from the perspective of academic researchers, business economists as the institutional representatives.

24. 9. 2014

The Night of Scientists, one of the largest Europe-wide projects giving a closer insight into science and scientific questions to broader public, will take place on 26th September from 6 to 11 pm. A large number of prominent organizations get involved in this event: universities, scientific departments, research institutes or observatories.

18. 9. 2014

This year Mendel University celebrates its 95th Foundation Anniversary. MENDELU was established by an Act No. 460 as of 24th July 1919 as the University of Agriculture in Brno, residing in a building of the Regional Institute for the Blind in Brno – Černé pole and its surrounding areas.

18. 9. 2014

A new Sport hall B was built up on Taufer Student Dormitory of Mendel University in Brno, in rooms of a former digester house of Univeristy canteen. The sport hall wil be used by Center of Sports Activities MENDELU (CSA MENDELU). Hall B includes two indoor gyms with dressing rooms and sanitary facilities, making it possible for CSA MENDELU to expand its offer of sport activities. CSA MENDELU offers courses of following sports: bodyform, bosu, fitball, pilates, circuit training, zumba, capoeira, power...

11. 9. 2014 - Ing. Kateřina L. Brettschneiderová

From September 4th to September 7th 2014 in Vranovská beach camp, a 4th annual “Zaškolovák” (Education training) took place, a get-acquainted party for new Year 1 students.