15. 6. 2020

For the first time, Mendel University in Brno was ranked in the elite thousands of the world's best universities according to the currently published QS World University Rankings 2021. The ranking is dominated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ahead of Stanford and Harvard Universities. Mendel University was ranked at 701-750, similar to the Brno University of Technology, with a total of ten Czech universities in the elite thousand. Among agricultural Czech universities, MENDELU is rated...

25. 5. 2020

Tropical forests face an uncertain future under climate change, but new research published in Science suggests they can continue to store large amounts of carbon in a warmer world, if countries limit greenhouse gas emissions. Three scientists from the Czech Republic also took part in the mentioned research.

14. 5. 2020

The crunchiness of foods such as chips, wafers, biscuits or chocolate will now be measurable. Researchers at Mendel University in Brno have developed a device designed to monitor the degree of acoustic response to mechanical disturbance of certain types of food. They want to patent their invention. The device will make it possible to compare individual foods with each other and will serve mainly manufacturers as a supplement to standard methods of food quality assessment.

3. 4. 2020

The academic of the Institute of Lifelong Learning, Martin Pírko, is a member of the Czech part of the international research team led by Dr. Lieberoth from Aarhus University in Denmark. Research examines how coronavirus affects people's lives.

2. 4. 2020

Dozens of students at Mendel University in Brno are involved in part-time work in agriculture and forestry during the coronavirus crisis. The web agroprace.cz helps to regulate supply and demand. Mendel University in Brno also cooperates with individual companies, some of whom are managed by its graduates.

13. 3. 2020


This Rector's Regulation „the Regulation“) to prevent the introduction and spread of coronavirus causing Corona Virus Disease 2019 - COVID-19 („coronavirus“) sets rules following informal measures announced by the Rector on Monday 2. March 2020, and implemented at Mendel University in Brno (hereinafter referred to as the „University”) pursuant to Act No. 258/2000 Coll. Collective agreements of the University with its trade union organizations and according to recommendations...

13. 3. 2020

Dear exchange student,

at 2 pm (12th March) there has been officially announced state of emergency by the government of the Czech Republic- it contains restrictions of public life and travelling.

12. 3. 2020

Mendel University in Brno strives to ensure the health and safety of students and employees. In response to the ongoing dissemination of COVID-19 from 3 March 2020, MENDELU banned all forms of contact teaching and events at the university campus. The aim is to reduce the number of situations that require people to gather in large groups and minimize time spent in close proximity. In accordance with the Ministry of Health's ban on students' personal presence at the university, this situation is valid...

21. 2. 2020 - Petra Polčáková

He won the Nobel Prize quite young: he was fifty-two. Today he is Director of the largest biomedical institute in Europe, works as a scientific advisor to the EU, still runs his laboratory and also comments on politics. Having just been awarded an honorary degree at Brno's Mendel University, geneticist Sir Paul Nurse referred to the legacy of Mendel several times, with great respect. According to Sir Paul, the Czech Republic doesn't show one of the world's greatest researchers as much respect as...

6. 2. 2020

Scientists from the Mendel University in Brno dated a well, which is the oldest dendrochronologically (tree-ring dating) dated archaeological wooden structure in the world. Their research was published by the prestigious Journal of Archaeological Science and some of the world's media have taken up the topic. "The well is over 7000 years old and has been preserved thanks to the high groundwater level. However, it is not the oldest well in the world, but the oldest well dated by this method," says...