6. 2. 2020

Scientists from the Mendel University in Brno dated a well, which is the oldest dendrochronologically (tree-ring dating) dated archaeological wooden structure in the world. Their research was published by the prestigious Journal of Archaeological Science and some of the world's media have taken up the topic. "The well is over 7000 years old and has been preserved thanks to the high groundwater level. However, it is not the oldest well in the world, but the oldest well dated by this method," says...

31. 1. 2020

Mendel University in Brno awarded honorary scientific degree doctor honoris causa to English genetics, cell biologist and microbiology professor Sir Paul Maxime Nurse. Among other things, a British scientist holds the 2001 Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine for his discovery of key regulators of the cell cycle. The ceremony took place in the assembly hall of Mendel University in Brno on 31st January 2020.

9. 1. 2020

Lucie Smolková, a future student of the MENDELU Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies, has a rather unusual schedule for a 19-year-old. During the final year of her secondary school studies, she was the leader of the Brno branch of the Fridays for Future movement, coordinated the national project "A Week for the Climate" (Týden pro klima) over the summer holidays and also worked for the Partnerství environmental foundation on a project called "Planting the Future" (Sázíme...

16. 12. 2019

Experts from the Mendel University in Brno want to actively participate in the promotion and research of agroforestry in the Czech Republic. They have already established the first experimental plots on university training enterprises. In total, they want to have about ten in a few years.

15. 11. 2019

Graduates from Mendel University in Brno prefer to work in the field they studied at the university and do not find it difficult to obtain a job. An extensive survey among the university's graduates shows that 91% of graduates from a master's degree programme find a job within one year of finishing their studies.

12. 11. 2019

Mendel University in Brno, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, will award gold medals to Alois of Lichtenstein and Constantin Kinský on the occasion. The ceremony will take place on 14 November in the assembly hall of Mendel University in Brno. According to the university Rector Danuše Nerudová, the gold medals will be awarded "in recognition of the laureates' contribution to the advancement of science and education, sustainable agriculture, forestry and rural culture". She added...

8. 11. 2019 - Utah State University

While the conservation of charismatic creatures like pandas, elephants and snow leopards are important in their own right, there may be no better ecological bang-for-our-buck than a sound, science-based effort to save widespread keystone systems. And the majestic aspens could be a perfect start for such an endeavor.

24. 9. 2019

Brazil is not the only country where forests are rapidly disappearing due to logging and raging fires. In Mongolia, researchers from Mendel University are trying the change the local attitude towards forests and teach people of their importance. Since 2000, the country has lost around 35,000 km2 of forests to intensive pasture and fires, which is about half the area of the Czech Republic. Forestry is neglected in Mongolia and the public is either unaware of the importance of forests or considers...

17. 9. 2019

Eight academics and students of Mendel University received MENDELU Rector’s Awards for outstanding achievements. Laureates of the prestigious awards given on the occasion of the university’s centenary include bioclimatologist Zdeněk Žalud for his long-term efforts in pointing out the impact of climate change, and Dominika Sirná, a student of furniture design, whose work has won awards in several competitions.

11. 9. 2019

For the first time in history, Mendel University appears in the rankings of the top global universities compiled by Times Higher Education (THE). As sixth from among the Czech universities, it ranks in the 1,001+ category from almost 1,400 universities from across the world. The highest-ranked Czech university is Charles University, which is listed in the 401–500 category. Overall, 17 Czech universities were included in the rankings.