20. 8. 2019 - Martina Dušková


The female bear named Ema has spent the first three months since April when she has been fitted with a GPS collar in the mountains on the Czech-Slovak border. At the moment, Ema´s location signal comes from the Slovak part of the Javorníky Mountains where she stays most of the time. However, the total area over which she has travelled since the beginning of telemetric monitoring covers over 1,300 square kilometres.

24. 7. 2019

Researchers from Mendel University in Brno are currently participating in a research project to help understand the ocean currents in the northern hemisphere. Dendrochronologists from the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology recently visited Iceland to extract samples from driftwood on the north-eastern coast. They will now identify the species of the individual samples, along with their age and the places they originated from.

21. 6. 2019

From all continents, except for Antarctica, graduates of the university gathered for the Reunion of the Century at the Mendel University in Brno campus on the 15th June.

30. 5. 2019

The closing Starobrno Ignis Brunensis fireworks epilogue on Saturday 15 June will mark significant anniversaries of the Masaryk University (100 years), Brno University of Technology (120 years) and Mendel University in Brno (100 years).

17. 5. 2019

Are you Horticulture or Food Science student? Would you like to gain a professional international experience? Apply for the Summer School 2019 in Lednice, Czech Republic.

2. 5. 2019

University volleyball players won a silver medal at the 2019 International PCU Games held on 24-26 April in Belgium and continued the success from 2016 when they won gold.

8. 4. 2019

Michal Tomsovsky

Scientist Michal Tomsovsky, from the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, co-authored an article in Nature Ecology and Evolution, published by Nature publishing house.

19. 3. 2019

Using modern technology can improve the lives of the older people. However, technological progress also comes with a dark side, as older people can be at risk of insufficient technological skills and are vulnerable to abuse. The international conference "New Technologies: Opportunity or Challenge for the Aging Population?" is dedicated to discussing the interrelationships between aging and new technologies.

11. 3. 2019

Want to meet potential employers? Dozens of them visit our campus for an annual career fair. In addition, we coordinate a full schedule of information sessions that put a spotlight on various career-related topics.

25. 2. 2019

Georgia State University

Two programs offers Georgia State University in Atlanta for Mendel University students: Summer Institute and I-Speed. Applicants for both programs are required to pay a fee. Application deadlines are 30th March for Summer Institute and 1st May for I-Speed program.