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University management




  • The rector is appointed and removed by the President of the Czech Republic following a proposal by the Academic Senate. The Rector’s term of office is four years.
  • The Rector is the head of Mendel University in Brno and its academic authority. The Rector acts and decides on all matters relating to the University, except those entrusted by the Act on Universities to other University authorities or faculties. The Rector represents the University and is also a representative of the University in the Czech Rectors Conference.


Vice-rector for Educational Affairs

Vice-rector for Research and Innovation

Vice-rector for Strategy and Development

Vice-rector for Quality Management and Human Resources

Vice-rector for International and Public Affairs


The legal position of Bursar is set out in section 16 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on higher education institutions and amending and supplementing other acts (the Higher Education Act); obligations, powers and responsibilities of the Bursar are detailed in art. 6 (2) of the Mendel University in Brno Statute.

In accordance with the above provisions, the Bursar:

  • is responsible for the management and internal administration of the University
  • ensures the management of the University’s resources in accordance with special regulations, internal regulations and other regulations of the University, and in accordance with principles for the creation and management of the University’s budget
  • provides management of property used by Rectorate-related and University-wide centres, as well as taking care of its reproduction
  • controls the activity of the Rectorate, with the exception of departments managed directly by the Rector or by a person authorised by the Rector
  • provides methodological guidance to secretaries of faculties in financial and administrative areas