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MENDELU History in Data and Pictures


One decade from the history of MENDELU , from 1919 until the present, will be published each month.

The source for publishing the university's historical development is the book The History of the Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno in Dates and Pictures, published in 2004, whose content was prepared by the head of the MENDELU Archive, Dr. Alena Mikovcová.

We encourage all who have historical photographs or documents related to the history of our University and would like to share them with others, to contact us. We will be happy to publish them on our website with their consent.



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  • The first rector was Professor František Bubák, Professor of Systematic Botany and Phytopathology.
  • An independent Czechoslovak University of Agriculture in Brno (UOA) was established with Agricultural and Forestry Sections. Four-year studies were completed by a second state examination with graduates receiving the degree of engineer. The basis of the Agricultural Section was the Regional Agricultural College in Tábor, relocated there from Brno.
  • UOAwas located in the building of the Regional Institute for the Blind in Brno - Černá Pole. The left wing of the building, designed by T. Macharáček, housed the institutes of the Agricultural Section of the UOA.
  • A preparatory committee for the University of Agriculture in Brno at the Ministry of Education selected the professors. The first teaching body was appointed, composed of 12 professors, and academic officials were elected.
  • Enrolment of students took place in October 1919 at the Czech Technical University in Brno.
  • Lectures for the first 186 students officially started on 18 November 1919. Only the 1st and the 2nd years of the Agricultural Section opened. The first Dean was Professor Josef Černý.
  • The Forestry Section was temporarily located at the agricultural department of the Czech Technical University in Prague.
  • The Association of Students of Agricultural Engineering, which originated from the Association of Students of the Agricultural College in Tábor and relocated from Tábor to Brno in 1919, was founded at the University of Agriculture in Brno.
  • A central library and a reading room for professors and docents was established. The library opened to students in May 1922.
  • An academic canteen for students at Czech universities was opened in May 1920.
  • The Agricultural Union in Brno established the Supporting Fund for catering for impoverished students at UOA.
  • Students lived in military barracks in the Brno suburb of Královo Pole, some directly in the building of the school, others in the dormitories (Kaunic, Sušil).




  • Dr. Josef Munzar, Professor of Plant Production and Plant Breeding, was elected rector.
  • The Forestry Section of UOA was officially opened after its previous problems with relocating to Brno. The first Dean was Professor Josef Černý.
  • Classes commenced in all four years of study in both sections.
  • Austerity measures were taken against universities caused by the country`s unstable post-war economic and financial conditions. The budget was limited and the existence and integrity of UOA threatened. Protests were held at the school against its relocation to Slovakia.
  • Critical housing situation in Brno - none of the professors lived there permanently. Departure of four professors to Prague.
  • Completion of the first stage of building the Rector's Office, institutes, classrooms and laboratories of the Agricultural Section.
  • Launch of the first stage of building the institutes of the Forestry Section.
  • Acquisition of geological, entomological, zoological and botanical collections for didactic purposes.
  • Regular shipments of publications were begun for the central library from the US and Canada.
  • First habilitation at UOA. Dr. Otakar Vodrážka earned veniae docendi in wood anatomy and physiology of plants.
  • The seat of the Association of Students of Forest Engineering was relocated from Prague to Brno.
  • The Agricultural Association of Students of the University of Agriculture in Brno was founded as a platform for both student associations at the faculty. It was dissolved in 1925.
  • Association of Assistants at the University of Agriculture in Brno established as a branch of Association of Assistants at Czech Universities in Brno.



  • Rector Dr. Rudolf Haša, Professor of forest management and valuing forests, forest economics, dendrometrics and applied surveying.
  • Protests against attacks on the existence and integrity of the institute, caused by the government’s austerity measures. The budget of the institute was significantly limited, with budgetary items for the enterprises ignored.
  • Memorandum of UOA on the preservation and completion of the Faculty of Forestry.
  • Unsuccessful fight against ministries to be allocated financial surpluses obtained from the sale of alcohol, sugar and fertilizers for UOA.
  • Establishment of a section of physical education and a sports commission at the University of Agriculture in Brno.
  • Completion of the second stage of building of institutes, departments, laboratories, classrooms and offices of honoured lectureship for both sections.
  • Six assistants and one clerk were called to the army following an attempt to restorethe Habsburgs in Hungary.
  • Acquisition of other collections (ornithological, lepidopterological and mineralogical-geological) from individuals and natural science collections from military institutes in Hranice na Moravě.
  • Establishment of the Biological Station of Czech Universities in Lednice as a common research centre of Brno universities (University of Agriculture in Brno, Veterinary University and Masaryk University in Brno). The founder and director of the station was UOA Professor Emil Bayer.
  • A plantation of medicinal plants was established for didactic purposes.
  • Negotiations about the takeover of the enterprises in Žabčice and Adamov as demonstration and experimental university enterprises. Purchase of machinery for the farm.
  • Increase in the number of students, 500 students enrolled. UOA received the first transport of Russian students from Constantinople and a group of Ukrainian students interned in a military camp in Josefov.
  • Interim students’ identification cards replaced by the university`s index lectionum.
  • First graduates. 10 agricultural engineers and 21 forest engineers passed the second finals exam.
  • Commencement of agricultural and forestry lectures as part of public lectures of Czechoslovak universities in Brno. University’s teachers gave lectures to the public in Moravia, Silesia and Slovakia.
  • Establishment of Forestry and Agricultural departments of the Association of University Teachers in Brno.



  • Dr. Josef Taufer, Professor of animal husbandry, became Rector.
  • Rector`s lecture on The origin and meaning of the intersexual shapes in crossing breeds of farm animals.
  • The first ceremony to install the rector was held at the University of Agriculture in January 1923.
  • An agricultural assembly of political figures and agricultural organizations convened in the assembly hall of the university against attempts to dissolve or restrict the activities of UOA.
  • Commencement of construction of the second building in Brno`s Černá Pole suburb, designed by F. Utíkal. It became the seat of the institutions of the UOA’s Forestry Section, regional agricultural research institutes and national forestry research institutions.
  • The University Forestry training enterprise in Adamov was put under the administration of UOA.
  • The National Institute for Research and Testing of Farm Machinery at UOA was set up in Brno after three years of effort. The first director was Professor Josef Černý.
  • Experimental fields were estabkished on the universityschool premises in Brno`s Černá Pole.
  • An unsuccessful UOA proposal for the establishment of a Faculty of Land Surveying.
  • A second transport of a Constantinople group of Russian students, temporarily located in Bulgaria, enrolled at UOA.
  • Teaching aids for the Forestry Sections obtained through the Directorate of Czechoslovak State Forests.
  • Establishment of a branch of the Club of Czechoslovak Agricultural Engineers for Moravia and Silesia in Brno.




  • PDr. Josef Taufer re-elected Rector.
  • Unsuccessful negotiations concerning the acquisition of the enterprise in Žabčice was the reason for the resignation of Prof. Josef Taufer from the Rector office. The abdication was received in May 1924 and the school was managed by Vice-rector Rudolf Haša.
  • The budget of the university was dramatically reduced. Legislative bodies discussed the question of dissolving universities and faculties, including UOA.
  • Visit of the President of Czechoslovakia T.G.Masaryk to UOA in Brno. The President promised help and support in the University’s further development.
  • Final construction approval of the second school building.
  • Construction of a building for physiological and biological experiments with farm animals.
  • The Masaryk Foundation was established to commemorate President Masaryk’s 75th birthday. The foundation’s interest was used to provide rewards for students’ papers and study trips.
  • Publication of the first issue of the non-periodical collection of scientific works at UOA, the Almanac of the University of Agriculture in Brno. It was published in two series (C -
    Agricultural Section, D - Forestry Section).
  • Enrolment of the largest number of students in the pre-war history of UOA. Out of a total of 552 students, 278 were from Czechoslovakia and 274 from abroad. Most of the foreigners were from Russia.
  • Drafts of the first proposals for a study reform were not executed. Approval of changes and additions to test regulations for agricultural and forestry studies had been issued in the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • Engineers Stanislav Koudela, Václav Sobotka and Jan Podhradský were officially declared the first doctors of technical sciences.




  • Dr. Ferdinand Müller, Professor of forestry engineering structures, was elected Rector.
  • Rector`s lecture on Forestry Means of Transport.
  • Public speech by Professors concerning the rumours about the intended dissolution of UOA. Support from Břeclav, Hodonín, Olomouc, Prostějov, Přerov, Uherské Hradiště and Znojmo and a number of authorities and institutions.
  • The University Agriculture Enterprise Žabčice and the Oulehlá farm were put under the administration of UOA, for the needs of the Agricultural Section, under adverse financial and operational conditions.
  • The first Christmas tree in Czechoslovakia was erected on Freedom Square in Brno at the initiative of writer Rudolf Těsnohlídek. Christmas trees, used for collections for abandoned children, were brought from the University Agriculture Enterprise in Adamov every year.



  • Dr. Josef Černý, Professor of Agricultural Machinery and the Encyclopedia of Technical Mechanics, elected Rector.
  • No ceremonial inauguration of the Rector.
  • Completion of a botanical garden on the premises of UOA in Brno`s Černá Pole suburb (1920–1926).
  • An arboretum was begun to be constructed in Křtiny at the University Forest Enterprise at the initiative of Professor August Bayer (1925–1929).
  • Adaptation of Křtiny château for the residence of Professors and students of the Forestry Section.
  • Transfer of collections from Úsov Museum to UOA.
  • Relocation of Forestry Section institutes to a new building.
  • Dr. Štěpán Soudek, assistant of the Zoological Institute, was the first person at UOA to receive the Rockefeller Foundation scholarship. During his one-year scholarship in the United States, he focused on the study of agricultural and forestry entomology and beekeeping.
  • Indebtedness of thefarm in Žabčice because of purchases of live and dead inventory, disrepair of buildings and fields, crop failure, the consequences of floods in the summer of 1926.



Botanická zahrada, 20. léta

  • Dr. František Bilovský, Professor of Private Law, Public Law and Agricultural Law and Policy, waselected Rector.
  • Rector`s lecture on The importance of the legal consciousness of people with regard to the situation in the countryside.
  • At the initiative of Dr. Václav Novák, a first-order agrometeorological station was established to monitor climate conditions and for the purposes of teaching at the school enterprise in Žabčice.
  • The Brno Beekeeping Association donated a bee house to UOA. Bee colonies and the bee house were placed in the botanical garden’s arboretum.
  • Professors’ proposal to rename streets adjacent to the buildings of the school. The names Zemědělská (Agricultural Street) and Lesnická (Forestry Street) approved by the Brno City Council. Reconstruction of pedestrian crossings, pavements and the area in front of the school.




  • Dr. Karel Holý, ordinary Professor of Private Agricultural Economy, was elected Rector.
  • First honorary doctorates at UOA to be awarded ceremonially. The Minister of education, Dr. Milan Hodža, Member of the Agrarian Party, František Staněk, and Professor of Agronomy at the Czech Technical University in Prague Dr. Julius Stoklasa were proclaimed honorary doctors.
  • The enterprise in Žabčice was taken over by the Ministry of Education. Experimental activities were developed at the institutes of UOA’s Agricultural Section and at sections of the Moravian Agricultural Research Institute.
  • A first-order agrometeorological station was established in the school’s experimental garden thanks to Professor Václav Novák.
  • UOA participated in the Exhibition of Contemporary Culture in Brno.




  • Professor Josef Opletal, Professor of forest exploitation and forest industry, was elected Rector.
  • Rector`s lecture on The purpose, content and methods of university forestry studies.
  • Commemoration events to celebrate UOA’s 10th anniversary (15–20 June 1929). Ceremonial assemblies, lectures, graduate meetings, excursions to the institute`s enterprises. The ceremony was broadcast on radio by Radiožurnál.
  • A Forest Pantheon in the Olomučany Forestry District was opened in memory of meritorious foresters and friends of the forest. It was implemented by Prof. Opletal based on a design by Prof. Konšel and with the concurrence of Prof. Haša.
  • The 1st scientific forestry course was part of the jubilee celebrations. The tradition of lecture, discussion and walking cycles was established at the Faculty of Forestry.
  • Honorary doctorates awarded to meritorious foresters. The ceremonial graduation of Bohdan Mokrý, director of an estate in Pilsen, and Karel Šrogl, director of an estate in Račice.
  • In memory of the 10th anniversary of the Faculty of Forestry, the Moravian-Silesian Interest Group of Forestry Engineers established, by the Association of Engineers and Architects in Brno, the support fund the Foundation of Dr. Rudolf Haš at the University of Agriculture in Brno. Forestry engineers received contributions for study trips and work experience abroad.
  • Completion of the second stage of equipping the Faculty of Forestry.